Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012

Do not return empty (a)!

What is your reaction when after some time you enter your home and realize that the walls are peeling, the floor lost its luster, the lining is aged, the couch and ripped the decorations with dust?
Well, many of us, unfortunately we can only observe things around us need concert when we are forced to stop in front of them!
If so what is outside, which is superficial, imagine what contains inside our souls?
I, today, I can understand why God allows us to go through difficult situations that often make us stand still on time. And makes us wondering "Why?"
In an ordeal like that.
We put forth what God wants it to be changed in our lives!
You know, it's like he literally transform us in earthen vessels of our house, looked and saw the cracks that cause a negative appearance and took a strategic decision!
He takes the pots in their hands, the lifts and throws us to the ground, breaking them altogether ...
After each piece together the shards and makes way resected mass again, put them in the machine and becomes the potter.
This is a very painful period, we fix our gaze on God above any opinion. Even when all we seem stuck, even when fear knocking on our door ... even with the tears of the people around us. Trusting Him is the only way out!
And for those who know is the most desired output!
It is in this situation?
Fear not!
He knows what he sees after all this ... "A new house!"
Walls reformulated lining redone, new sofas, etc.. And even more ... you coated trust in Him knowing that all cooperated to your right!
God, do not ever want you and I we become defeated. Aged by situations of our lives, by the famous stress that seeks shake us every day, or even worse ... the darkness of sin that leads away from Him.
It's painful but it passes. And when we come to a new level, the level of restoration ... a new beginning.
Everything is new now!
Ready to receive the flowers that will be cause for admiration and joy to people. You may enter a new opportunity!
But I never want to return the "proof" empty (a)!
Bringing back a collection of experiences with God and be ready (a) to help those who are now also undergoing similar moments of restoration you passed.
Everything that God allows you to live is to produce in you a new reason to go on living! Knowing Him and depend on Him every moment is beside us to mold us into what He wants and it's all for His Glory! He is happy with his renewed!
Is the "proof"?
Do not be afraid ... God is perfecting you!
Learn what God wanted to teach you never to need any proof of return to the beginning again!
Go straight ahead!
"That the trial of your faith, more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire, is to praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ ..."
I Pet 1:7

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