Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Every morning ...

Tired (a)? Think about how to proceed with many fears and concerns? Has no desire to take on new commitments?
Learn, yes you can have hope!
First, everything that was delivered into their hands is specific to you because nobody gets no commitments opportunities that God has given the final nod. The Word of God is clear when he says that he does not allow "burdens" that we can not carry, he knows very well the value of your claw and Dom in you.
Second, all the tools you need to build your path are in Him. God has already planned with you "secret weapons", you already deposited in a wonderful context for talent and is willing to be with you giving you the necessary guidance to assist you in using all of them.
Third, look around ... see the crowd of winners? People have not given up their dreams, pursue that determined above all fall, get up! They look and see what you are made of the same essence! All generated by the hands of God supreme.
So encourage yourself this day to review your projects and organize a fresh start.
Looking like the first step a sincere prayer to the Father, let Him show in your heart the safest way.
No one more than He wants to see you overcome your difficulties, as shown when you decided (a) to win, you make Him immensely happy!
Today is the day to get up, shake off the dust and God, of course, give your life a new page!
 Found favor in God's life!
Psalm 30...

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