Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Levane head!

Dawns and the routine needs to be accomplished!
Along with it, the many concerns that make us get slaughtered.
We think of work commitments but also tiring on the path that often leads to it.
We think that the house has to be cared for in children who need to go to school and that includes arrange them, make a snack, take up the place and sometimes hear complaints from teachers.
And the bills?
Many lose their temper because of the dreaded bills to pay!
But they are there!
The questions in our mind are many, each with
evidence approaching school with other diseases afflicting the body and soul ...
At such moments something emanates from within us and becomes one sentence: HELP!
We wanted to get under the covers and stay there doing their best to delete the weight of the mind that we are carrying.
And as they left, the "corner of hiding?"
Why, if there are apparently safe?
Thinking that we are saved from all the headaches!
Do not know if this news is very good for you, but, I mean that it is useless stay in hiding, no!
While we hide the problems, they grow!
Want a sure recipe?
Get up, make a list of priorities and seek solutions!
God tells us in Psalm 42:5,
"Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Hope in God for I will praise Him in the salvation of His presence. "
This verse is powerful!
Our Creator is telling us, "Hey! Go to fight! "
But he also tells us to wait on Him.
Stand up! Do not give in!
It is difficult, but with the right help we can!
In the end, still praise God for everything!
Even if the world has given up on you, know that while there is breath, there is a fresh start!
Let us out of our vocabulary the word "quit."
She is the door to the bottom!
Then utter their opposites: "perseverance"!
Our daily surrender to the Lord, we pray that He guides us and trust because if we have available, we can find the right solution for every problem!
Let our Monday-flavored "I want more!"
 We face the first day of a new week in our lives!
Want to see it?
Then lift your head up high and move on!
Do not let your blessing through!
Life in you!

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