Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2012

The voice that silences ...

At various times in our lives we know many kinds of voices.
Who is not able to recognize the voice of their parents, their spouses, children ...
Sedo woke up and soon they see towards us. It has several qualities. Some people prefer softer voices and soft to the ear. There also those who enjoy the hustle and excitement of those who are completely exaggerated in speech and thus cause us fun and contaminates the environment. But what about the "brave" ...
These alone are valid for more than one voice talk situation and command ...
They say our voices out there that has to do with our character and they appeal, but also dislike ... many!
Now close your eyes and listen to the voice that works when all others are inert. It is a voice that is presented to each of us as she knows that we can win!
And as conquest!
Come dressed as our circumstances.
If we are learning to walk she is guiding.
If the world not is comforting to  her. The voice is
If we are happy, our! She sings us with joy and peace!
But there are two moments in particular that I find beautiful and attractive ...
The first is when he comes forward and takes the place of our General, our enemies tremble to hear it!
The second is when she comes pretty close ... even close!
And tell me the right word that makes my life get a special taste ...
This is exactly where she mutes me!
If everything had lost its meaning, colors win again.
This is a long awaited moment for every time that echoes leaves its mark special. An act that is only because this voice has the power to supply all our needs!
I speak of the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit ...
Our Comforter!
He who comes to us and changes our state.
He who often stopped  the destructive voices within me.
I fell in love with the power of Your Voice!
I recognize that is My Shepherd, My God, My King, My father and friend to talk to me at that very moment!
Do you know this voice?
Already passed by the field of "Encounter" with her?
I invite you to give God the place that is only let Him ... His voice will reach your heart and silence  so great beauty!
Hey ...
Just listen ...
And when you hear ...
Will feel then!

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me;"
John 10:27

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