Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Failures have solution!

We fail in temporary, but failure is a condition that is passed propels us to success! 
It says a great author: 
"If we believe, our current concerns are old stories in a month!" 
We believe the Word of God, she gives us strength to deal with the "low moments in life" 
In 2 Corinthians 4:17, found a precious message of God for us: 

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison." 

The tribulation drives us to hope, and hope there is no confusion! 
We need to know how to behave in front of the failures which we live. 
If we fail at something is because you have not found the right formula to resolve this situation! 
It is very important to recognize where the failure is occurring in our lives, if we look closely and heed to this point, we can then seek necessary help to get the release and success! 
Recognizing failure is to assume a responsibility to yourself before God. 
It is assumed that you are willing (a) to correct the wrong step and redo it the right way! 
This is not what happens to those who prefer to side with the proud, pride is a sin that most of us take the fall! 
And God is so good to us and cares so much about Agent, the project Him to us in these cases is to free ourselves from what oppresses us! 
So the first step is to see where we failed, what we're missing, and the second is to seek God's help to understand "His strategic plan" for us. 
Third, since God within this project, is to start "doing concerts." 
If we do not correct what is wrong, we will be unable to take the next step! 
Breaking "strongholds" in mind is urgent! 
You know those people who insist on staying in error, even if there is a way out in front? 
Well, there are many people who insist on eating the wrong strongholds in their minds. 
That alone will bring more consecutive failures! 
Not every failure is related to sin, sometimes fail simply make bad choices. 
Jesus chose to suffer for a world that was "broken" by this surrender to sin. 
He decided to suffer the pains and failures of each of us. But He is God, indestructible and therefore knew how to win and dodge each. 
So, who else can we find the right answers to achieve success? 
God wants us to live a healthy life and to move forward with Him! 
We have to figure out what should not be made to do what is right! 
The thoughts and attitudes not fail us when we dedicate ourselves to seek the exit! 
I leave you a message from me: 
Never let anyone call you a loser (a)! 
Take this situation "negative" as the impetus to start up again! 
Get up and walk the failure! 
You will be a winner just by having the willpower to get up after a fall!

A secret: 
"Avoid judging the failure of others, focus on rebuilding up front to be an instrument of transformation in the life of another person.

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