Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012


What to do when we face a big hurdle? 
There are few people who are paralyzed in the face of obstacles imposed by life. Or simply facing challenges that are part of their respective careers. 
Poso tell you that the worst mistake of being faced with a big challenge is to keep looking for weapons that "he" presents. 
The obstacle ahead of us always comes armed with some ammunition that is keen to introduce ourselves, trying in every way to intimidate us and make us feel that we are small and defenseless. 
All those who fall into this mistake unfortunately are hit and take a long time to get out of this "minefield." 
But, I will not make the mistake of talking of strong features that the challenge is. No! 
I will speak of that which is greater than any challenges we may encounter in our lives and who walks beside us to generate in us wisdom and strength in the daily battle. 
So, here's how to proceed: 
First, open your vision and see that you are not alone. 
Second, know that within every person there is great potential deposited by God. 
Third, God is always willing to rebuild their forces, renewing their thoughts and investing in you. 
Fourth, God always gives you the right weapons for every occasion, he defeated the greatest of our enemies, and each of the possible tribulations that we could live, so he knows all the antidotes against various obstacles! 
Fifth and last, even after all these efforts are not enough, God takes his fight for Him Himself Wars by that love. Saves us and makes us become head on the table to embarrass our enemies. 
These are enough reasons to rejoice because now you know that behind all surpassing power is infinite God who works in us. 
And there is no one more powerful than Him 
There is an obstacle in front of you ...? 
Show him who gives you all weapons that defeat! 

 "If I walk in the midst of trouble, thou me refazes life; stretching forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies: thy right hand shall save me." 
Psalms 138:7

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