Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

What do you do for your friends?

That Jesus did for you!

Consider the reverse, 
What a friend would do for you? 
He sees, hears you, knows your address, you live, share secrets ... news! Supply the needs of one another, fight, walk, shop ... barbecues, share ideas and plans ... how much more? 
A friend is someone special and valiant! 
however much you try to forget a good friend, does not. 
Moves gives the address and miss but the friendship continues! 
Think now, at this moment in your best friend! 
What do you feel? 
Think about what you've done better with this person! 
How good to know we have another human being in whom we can trust! 
Let's give it our best friends?! 
Beloved (a), all these facts are wonderful! But we have to bring the memory something that is real sad though ... 
We have a life, a family business. In short: home, food, clothes ... work and leisure for people in normal conditions, I conclude. 
Given our daily lives always come cup time break, clean clothes will be dirty, find the debts, the pain, we will not find more time for leisure ... for the family, is not it? 
All one day go through this. 
God, in His infinite love warned us about this: 
"In the world ye shall have tribulation: but ye of good cheer I have overcome the world." (Jo.16: 33) 
I can talk like that because I know, I have lived a lot of these situations! 
The whole world seems to be upside down ... 
We come to regret how we could have done things differently! 
"I would not have said that ... he lied ... having said that expletive at the time of wrath ... 
Then, look at the sky and reflect on God opened my heart to Him expressing the desire to be back with "white robes"; without masks! " 
There are moments when we want to solve all our problems and our friends too! 
But we can not do everything, no! 
For us to be closest, however strong they are. A friend can not be everything or do everything for us! 
Can I be your close friend, but I can not heal the deepest wounds! 
I can not cure an incurable disease! 
Restoring your marriage does not depend on me! 
Your finances? Maybe ... not everyone can! 
Look at me! 
Look at your friends ... 
We are David facing Goliath! 
With challenges giants! 
But I tell you, that was a special person, you certainly know that in his darkest hour, he looked his best friends and saw them sleeping. 
This person was at the time Jesus prayed to God the Father for strength to fulfill its mission, this time was that the fight was such that even his sweat was reversed in blood. And the disciples? 
Were sleeping! 
"Jesus would not die for a cause, he would die for people ... including Agent." 
I think Jesus had to die so that his friends passed the guard at important moments, without sleep! 
Do you know why this happened? 
Because we are not perfect! 
We failed ... to the best friends ... fail. 
Because they were small, weak yielded to the will of their bodies. 
Jesus with His death broke the dominance of this weakness about us! 
Returning a few lines above ... 
David defeated Goliath because the power of God was with him! 
We won our struggles, along with our friends, because God cares for us and help! 
Without Him, not a leaf falls to the ground ... 
For us and for our best friends: 
"Never let anyone say that we are too small 
too weak ... 
that God is in our circle of friends. 
For God to work a miracle for us! " 
Not by a click on the internet that Jesus opened his "account" in our lives. It was by an email written in letters of blood! 
Your email is "KING OF KINGS". 
This is valid in the entire universe! 
What would you do for your best friends? 
Jesus is available, you will not accept it, the circle of the Best! 
The Best of All! 
This is a friendship that enriches all too! 
He will do for you by your friends what nobody else can do! 

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