Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

What makes you stop?

In any walk need to be careful with the "road hazards"!
As bad as it is to admit, there are always obstacles in the way.
The mistake of many is to pretend they are not there!
When God thinks about you, do not think of someone weak, without expectations. He even gave you the ability to dream, to design ... to grow!
God, from the moment you was generated chose you to be the winner, or rather more than a conqueror!
And like any champion (ã), becomes stronger as it is trained (a)!
It would be very practical for us to take a life without commitment to victory, just live for life ...
 No, we need God to know the special flavor that is have him as Lord of our lives!
Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the One who comes and tells us exactly where we are stumbling with the intention of giving us the opportunity to continue to learn the right way!
God, I Pet 4:7, reveals a Keyword is a special secret to not stop!
She called SOBRIETY!
Be on (a) understand?
We must be vigilant!
But we are not self-sufficient to see beyond circumstances.
Only God can create faith in us that makes us believe that beyond the "path of stones", there is a road much safer to walk! Because he's been there!
On the road, beware of stone called: INCONSTANCY!
Not knowing what you really want, we look at one side we find something attractive and follow ... then the other side ... and follow. We started a career and soon gave up ... or make promises of changes .. and quit .... give up ... give up!
Trust in the wrong people, love invested in something that is not worth it, excessive worries!
When you have not yet discovered the biggest target of our lives, we lost to wander as "boys carried about by every wind of doctrine."
In these times when we "lost" we need to ask God's help, we do it when He gives us the "treasure map"!
A revelation that changes our lives forever!
And this time you need to arrive!
Now is the time of refund in your home!
The time to open the door to the Act of God!
A door in the very particular that requires your heart ...!
Do not be fickle!
Find yourself and decide to be firm in what God put!
But where to find this revelation?
-In true and sincere prayer and hope in the Lord!
Pay attention!
Everyone learns to drive to God!
Himself prepared this special time to meet you!
A beginning of a beautiful friendship ... 100% safe!
Try it!
Seek Him with sincerity and brokenness of heart, throw away all evil that may exist within, and surely God will be pleased with you and safely reveal what searches with intensity!
If we do this, if we launch our reliance on God, our faith will be born every day, and attain His mercies!
After that, what else can you do to stop?
hum ....
I think nothing!
We say goodbye to the stones of the path when we know someone bigger than themselves!
They are ...

"7 But it is near the end of all things, therefore sober, and watch unto prayer"
1 Peter 4:7

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