Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sábado, 17 de novembro de 2012

Christmas Gift

Surprise yourself!
And without a doubt! 
He makes contact! 

There are moments in our lives that take you back to believing in something that might just realize you left. 

Delve into a little history ... 

There once was a girl who loved to be near God, always doing the Father's will 
One day this girl begins to go through very adverse circumstances, like thousands of people, but for her it is closer, it hurts more! 
Friends, family, acquaintances, professionals try to minimize all forms of the difficult time. 
Reunited pray, cry out to God for a miracle ... not yet arrived. 
The time goes by and the girl begins to go through the test of time, that same ... so admired in virtual sentences, but that the skin needs to be overcome with perseverance for those who live alone knows! 
The test becomes very difficult and painful day are now due 
 the causes of the trouble are still increasing ... 
- How can you survive the ordeal so great? 
The girl wonders. 
Then she stops and looks at each of the times when someone knocked on his door, analyzes the message and realizes that each visitor has a meaning that all joining parts assemble a single message. 
She is slowly realizing that the message is summed up in the word: Perseverance!

Realizing that all cheer for his victory, livens up and starts singing again and walk. 
Live as always a golden opportunity because now, after so many moments in danger discovered that every second alive is a gift that can not ever be wasted. 
The days go by, she rearranges her routine without waiting all that was yet to come. 
Life always has its surprises ... 
Symptoms of war back and everything starts again! 
She starts to be more involved in a fight where you need to gather strength not surrender. 
All resumes care, she sees dozens of people giving their best to try and help her think about how you can give back as much love and affection, do not think the price! 
The weather outside the window is changing the expectations of the end but the negative situation is not enough. 
The joy will then moving away from the courage it takes to persevere and layout becomes weakened with so many invalid attempts. 
She is really feeling very lonely! 
No that does not have wonderful people around you ... but feels that there is what it takes to get out of that situation! 
Everything is getting so! 
There is a journey, something she is very prepared to go and the exact day she realizes that its limitations do not let move on. 
What to do? 
Agreed ... could only be so. 
So even before this latest pain insists even remotely follow the events with those who moved on. 
When confronted with the images of victories and joys, the tears come and fill your heart with happiness partly by that and partly were of sadness for not being there. 
She cries and opens the heart before his Maker trying to understand why such proof. 
In the course of the day, she gets a call from one of her friends who are traveling. 
His words were something like this: 
- Amiga 
I was here in the midst of so much blessing and the Holy Spirit told me to buy a gift for you. I was reluctant thinking it was all in my head, but he again asked me the same thing in a way so much stronger than I was thrilled to realize that He Who really spoke to me. 
-I went and did everything as He commanded. And even more, he had to tell you felt your pain, He knows the desire of his heart was to be here ... and I'll take this gift for you because He wants you to realize that He heard you because He is there! 
The girl then compared the times and was sure it was the same moment she was crying in her room that her friend received so beautiful mission. 
Upon hearing the news that he was still there, did something to boost again! 
She understood that he is not inert to what she was going through and smiled again! 
He made contact for her to continue to live! 
This only happens ... He only came because there was a bond of loyalty between the two. 
An alliance literally on their toes and in their hearts! 
He never leave ... 
And when she no longer felt around the ... 
He made her see Him through the eyes of another person, so that it could see the same! 
This is also the God who is there with you now! 
You know everything you need .... 
Now, even though the fight that girl has not yet finished, every time she wears her blouse, yes, this was a pretty blouse, best known as a symbol of love, to wear it she will remember the day that God once again publicly declared his love for her ... 
The first time? 
It was at Calvary. 
The next? 
Who can know except Himself! 
But certainly as you need to let her know that He will never give up on your life and your love! 

"Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. 
Moreover, it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful. " 
1 Corinthians 4:1-2

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