Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

God has a harvest for you!

God warns!
What He has promised you is coming!
The beautiful dream that He has given you will make!
And you can live in times of great joy, fulfillment and enjoyment for all that you were able to conquer!
That's right,
The Word of Ecclesiastes 5 impacted leaves us!
God is so, so fair that there are no errors in the parts being joined!
He creates us, empowers us, gives us the chance to work with what we do best and gives us the time to enjoy our achievements!
But to be victorious, we must act in faith and covenant before God!
It would be very unwise to tread a path which were not designed, or assume the commitments that we do not compete ... steal the blessing of others, because when you stop doing what you do and going to run something that God intended for someone else, it is like stepping into a neighboring field planting and harvesting of corn that is not ours!
Our seeds only multiply in the land that God himself gives us!
We must do everything to lead a life according to God's plan!
This will guarantee the approval of a promise fulfilled by Him
A great harvest, after a large plantation!
If you're already at the time of its harvest, enjoy plenty, God lets you enjoy the fruits of their labor!
He rejoices in seeing children healthy and robust!
Filled with happiness!
Make sure that the time of victory is to be celebrated!
As for the evil that struck you, do not worry ... as well as a day will come too though, that is fair!
Because God wants to see the joy that He will give you completely healing all your pain!

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