Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

The best music you can compose ...

How would a song that could define you?
On the road we tread there are so many that some events are lost because we can not register them in the middle of thousands of a second experienced ...
Weigh in which you were first in how you got here and what you expect of tomorrow.
To provide a concrete history or who we need to take what we pretend to be!
When you stop to think about the care I received when I was born, the opportunities that I have been generated ... I rejoice.
But there are painful moments that you could withdraw its history ...
 Moments when we walked through dirty places, doing things that completely distort the image we want to have in front of our choices. Looks like we look at a piece of the road wrapped darkness ... and it really is.
Remembering is painful, but it's good!
Because God lets not forget these dark km?
To know the value of His redemption!
Do not remove your song this part of her story ... the world needs to know what God has done for you!
Knowing that even when the world will choke when the bad news arrived at all times ... you want to give up everything ... you had to find the strength within themselves to not give up on God!
Only God has higher plans to rescue you!
Hence the days are still to come ... them alive in every circumstance to the glory of God!
Do not miss the brightness of the Faith!
Your song needs to be authentic!
Exclusive and unique ...
You to God!
From your heart to God's heart!
It should contain all the memories, all the same for each letter grade and you will recognize the size of God's love for you!
Recognize that being more full and full of grace, that haje His power over time, and all that lives there .... He! He even looked for you!

Chose you!

Touched you!
Decided to give a name, endorsed by His Name!
No one else could love you so much!
Both believe in someone who had lost so much!
My song has the marks of Thy power!
From intimate friend who decided to be by my side ...
How much pain you caused my sin ... but still you looked at me with eyes of mercy!
Cleaned my dirt ... gave me new clothes, and adopted me!
Nobody else would this act as grand!
There could compose a cation to talk about something else, because everything in my life I gave to you!
The minimum expressions of gratitude will be known among people who may be the next targets of love!
I compose the music have now come wanting more ... more and more of you in my story!
My song has the touch of your hands!
It was You who helped me write!
She come celebrate our moments of joy ... how many smiles!
How many challenges overcome!
How many wounds healed!
And the presents ... in the form of people who have placed in my life!
If this song does not hit here on Earth ... Top is in Heaven!

For the angels celebrate the victory of Thy children!

Sing with me, dance with me, you know that the main notes that compose the chords and rhythm that I pack!
You know!
You have searched me and you know me ...

You know when I lie down and when I rise!

When I'm happy or hurt ... determined or needy!
And of Thy precious hands hands me exactly what I need ... in due time!
My song is Your life in me!
Author none of us could compose this song as well!

This is between Me and You!

If loving you is madness for a few hundred people, for me it's complete satisfaction!
Thou preparest every moment, and it is exactly here that I realize how special I am to you!
You put words in my life the most appropriate for me to live and living them, not coming to disappoint You.
The application of a life can only be written through faith!
To believe that You are by my side even though all say no "!
I love you, a love greater and more beautiful love, Jesus!

"Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, so high that I can not achieve."
Psalms 139:6

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