Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2012

The eagle who teaches

"We may be small, but given the love and mercy of God, we see how great we are to Him!"

Given the limitations!
The eagle is an animal with which we can learn a lot.
One of its most beautiful features I learned reading an excellent book is that it sees no limitations!

When an eagle meets the storm, she takes advantage of its strong winds to pack for your flight even higher.

  And for us, the storm is a threat?
We hide?

Or take the opportunity to grow "up" spiritually?

When God rescues us, this is just the beginning, from there it opens up possibilities to grow and fly.

The eagle does not escape, facing the situation head on.

What has made you lower your head?
What have you taken away from the faith?
How many murmurings have left out of your heart?
Where you are depositing your trust?

Isaiah Chapter 40 in 27-31, we learn that the greatest human strength is insufficient to meet the challenges of life, but we need the strength comes from the Lord!

"God exchange our weakness for His strength, exchange our fear for his courage, He keeps us in eternal hope through His Promises." (Joyce Meyer)

Serving God for my good times were easy. But experience has been great to serve God in the midst of times of trials and tribulations.

In our actions we show how much we believe in God's love.

If our security is in Him, we can be sure it's worth, in any circumstance, to live for the glory of God!

Really fly high!

Open your "wings"!

Days of blessings and wonders, for you!

* I learned a lot about the eagles in the book:
"Chicken or Eagle"
Jorge Linhares,
worth reading!

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