Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

You are special!

We live in a world filled with activities at our disposal!
Each proposal different from each other.
And the most curious thing is that even with so many options there is still a void that insists on continuing in our lives!
Even with so many opportunities still unable to reach a state overflowing!
Filled ... happy!
Because nothing can fill in as the Presence of God!
Romans 15:13, we find a prayer that a wise person made by a people who loved it so much!
Paul prays that the Christians of Rome could have filled their souls with joy, peace and confidence ... to be filled with hope!
This could not happen by simple motions around them, not by their own efforts ... but the presence of the Holy Spirit of God!
When we surrender to God's presence when we communicate with Him and honor Him, God fills us with such a joy that makes us complete it!
It's that moment where nothing, nothing at all makes us bow our heads!
It's the moment you find yourself covered all the strength to move on ... the smile back to the face and you have the assurance that God loves you ... and does it all for your own good!
Moments like these should not negotiate, neglect or ignore!
They are the ones that mark our lives forever!
Nothing would be without the life of God in us!
Just compare! See before and after you let God come near you!
Not yet had the courage ....?
Nobody else does God want you to be happy literally!

He loves you in a personalized way!
No one else loves as he loves you!
He loves everyone, but each of their own special way!
God never confuse your children!
No There's more to some and less to others!
We find and receive from God in proportion as we surrender to Him!
So ... I can not wait any minute to experience this happiness!
Full and overflowing!
You're just one step away from being truly happy!
This is not magic!
You trust someone who always loved you!
Cast out all fear to be happy!

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