Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012


"A scientist named Cal Lightman (played by Tim Roth excellent) specializes in the study of human behavior. He works with a partner, and best friend, Dr. Gillian Foster (Kelli Williams) and heads the Lightman Group, a company that makes investigations to detect lies. cases ranging from the analysis of behavior of an employee in a company, to help police solve crimes feds. Through body language and strategic questions Dr Lightman, decipher the cases. "
(Excerpt from the blog http://www.chatadegalocha.com/tag/tim-roth/)

The above describes a series premiered in the U.S. in 2009, but it brings a new way to solve crimes and suspicious situations.
Because I brought this story?
when a new person comes into our lives is the first step to meet her.
The extent that we can know whether or not this bond can be trusted.
But sometimes fool ourselves!
At the present time, especially, new friendships are being multiplied and how wonderful it is when you not only know the name of the person on the other side, but we can also see your face!
Rather it is doubtful and gets to have a good bit of risk when a person hides his true face!
We see it all!
People approach the other for many reasons, with good and bad intentions. Their hearts may be camouflaged, or their appearances ilusionadas.
The point I would like to get is a blessing that lines the sincerity of spirit!
How many could be avoided pain and suffering as time could not have happened in our lives if we were faithful to be honest, casting off us any falsehood!
Those who pretend to be what they are not, or maintains a level of appearance that will retrace the steps of one form or another ... because God does not approve falsehood.
Acting with people you actually know what you really are!
You can look them in the eye without fear of being discovered, because there is no hiding indefinitely a mask ... they always end up falling!
Sincerity and a true character generate friendships that will be experienced for a lifetime.
Examples to follow!
It is as oppressive as the jailer act of "keeping up appearances".
That we do not confuse it with the attitude to change behavior by believing that you are achieving something by faith!

Who pretended to be deep in our hearts we are not or are no longer, we are dishonoring those who are around us. Tricking them! And God knows that! Better than any human or cyber expert!

For this reason God always brings us an opportunity to make a nice correction in our history such as:

"The day I decided to be authentic before God and men."

"Humility and the fear of God are key factors that people stay standing!"
In many parts of the Bible we see sad stories late perpetrated by people who pretended to or misled others.
Do not choose this for your life ...
There are a dozen people waiting to know the wonderful person you are!
God already knows you, but you still want more!
Whether you receive the belt of truth!
Whether you see without costumes or without pretense!
Whether you find yourself in a fit person to enter the circle of His best friends!
He wants you as you are then he will make as he planned, even if it happens he has to give a forcinha!

If I were you, I would not miss this special person and His special plans!

In terms of who we are ...
Also the quality precedes quantity!
The quality of his character multiply or diminish the lives around you!

You have the DNA of Being Pure more than ever.
Leave this heritage flowing through his veins and bring a significant change to your story!

Very nice to meet you,
Can I trust you?

  Micah 3

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