Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Happy Holidays!

Already scheduled every party this holiday season?
He put in his notes that the will need for each "look" selected? The ingredients for each dish you will prepare?
I bet you've thought or even bought gifts for friends and family members, is not it?
This is very good!
And I'm glad just to imagine her animation on these special days!
Very expected!
I do not know how to be the decoration of their parties, nor know their core friendships, so little family circle, but know there will be someone who will have their eyes on you for all your beautiful settings!
To him, you are such a special person and full of dreams, with many things to teach and should shine in the crowd!
Even though you are surrounded by over a thousand people, His gaze is for you!
He knows you is not anyone!
My advice to all of us in these glorious days, is:
"Celebrate the company of God!"
Rejoice in knowing that He put you on a special glow!
He has chosen you to take the best features; their only!
To you he is the biggest and most beautiful gift!
Requite this love!
Give God first place in your heart!
Appreciate who never gives up on you!
Receive Him with open arms because it was in this way that He gave everything for you!
To God you are worth a lot!
Happy Holidays!

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