Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012


Are exactly one hour and forty minutes in the morning and after dinner, watch the movie of the night and still make a new snack you are now lying in bed staring at the ceiling and wonder why not get sleep?
Scrolls one side to the other, take a refreshing bath lifts for thinking that it is the heat that is bothering you and it does not help.
 It connects to the internet ... but nothing you or draws attention back to the rest that you need!

It is a scene:
You, your bed and insomnia among you!

Melancholy is not it!

We nights that seem to be eternal!


In inquietamos and the body suffers.

In these moments that just give a chance to your spirit?


Ever heard that saying out there in our "heart" there is a "hole" that only Jesus can fill?
This "hole" is your soul and your spirit crying out for God!
And when he is not present until our body suffers.

We are created in the likeness of our Creator and therefore spiritually we are not complete without him!
It is a void in the air!

A hunger that is never quenched, an excessive desire of always wanting something more for you to buy is not what we wanted, a desire to always feel that something has not felt before!

Psalm 130 shows us the story of a man who recognized his critical and disturbing.
He had the right attitude to get out of this torment!

Do not you think we suffer the consequences of living a life detached from God?


And only attain peace when The left part of our live ... when we have intimacy with Him, not excluding even the smallest details of our lives!

In verses 4 and 6 of this same Psalm, the Psalmist we report that had huge desire for God, as well as someone who ardently hopes the new dawn!

And then?

You're like the many who prefer the day because it's diverse activities, agitated people, work to be done ... the go go ever? That might make us leave the "hole" somewhat forgotten ... is not it?
Distract us for awhile ...


But the sleepless nights to come and we are very private moments to some extent!

If your night is hectic and if you want fervently that the sun will shine, why not take advantage of the company who is always by your side, even if you do not understand?

Because its not the "void" that needs filling?
Why not have the same attitude of the psalmist?


Cool in the presence of the King!

Read His word!
Hear what he has to say ...
hear beautiful songs of praise to His side!

You will see that the night will pass so quickly that one wanting more!

The "Sun" that both wanted, filling the void, the satiation that necessitavas and all that was missing in his inmost soul was at his side all the time ... The only missing you realize!

It is always a pleasure to be close to our Creator!

Turn your nights sleepless in meeting wonderful, passing the night with God's Life!

His forces will be renewed and the smile returns to his face ...

It never fails!

Do not sleep badly!

Meet the Father!
And have sweet dreams!

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