Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012

Keeping the faith

Chronic pain affects approximately 30% of the world population and is one of the more complaints that lead patients to seek therapy. When uncontrolled negatively influences the quality of life.
Source: Journal Pain. Date Posted: 01/06/2012

For those who have or have had an experience of high level of pain, you know what I mean.
It's something that we completely strip the "roadmap".
Hopeless, scary!
Because they happen?
It's part of the process of human life, we have a body which in many cases becomes vulnerable to illnesses or suffered some type of trauma that causes a strong physical pain.
Who suffers as well, when the crisis has only one wish is to get rid of what is distressing.
Sad for those who live and those who are around.
How often come to us and say ...
"I wish I could spend this pain to see me and stop your suffering!"
I've often heard people say that they love me for me.
They suffer with us!
One day I was in church, and at one point I heard the voice of God come calm me down ...
He told me that "Jesus did not deserve our sorrows, yet he decided to feel them for us. He feels what you are feeling!"
We can only know the value of this act as grand of Isaiah 53, when we reach this high level of pain, sometimes we can bear no more!
Hence, we realize that this is only a portion of the pain that he felt!
Imagine someone coming up to you and making a proposal that Jesus did, but that only He can accomplish!
It is this love that makes us so immense trust that all evil one day will end.
For He promised.
Today you may wonder ...
"But if He took our sorrows, and because many diseases are not cured diseases kill because ...?"
Like Him Suffering had a reason, God knows why, and also the right time for all things happen in our lives!
While some lament the pain, others are healed, thousands ... other ill ... others are born and others depart.
But what really matters is whether these times we remain true even before the time of waiting for the miracle!
Who still believes that everything is the opposite view, never loses hope!
Let us go forward
and be grateful for every experience!
For every opportunity to be closer to God and all that He separated to us,  which in so many sleepless nights gives us the comfort that only a true Father can give us!
The testimonies will surely come ... Soon!
And also our victory!
Have faith!
Faith beyond all pain!

Let us read Isaiah 53

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