Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2012

closer to God

You know those moments when everything seems to be meaningless in our lives and we lost the will to do what we do?
These moments for more incomprehensible that are in our view, always leave a little corner of encounter with the Lord! What we need to face ....
In it, I knew more clearly a special secret that brings me closer to my Creator.
His love constrained me again ...
I saw before me, showing me one of the reasons that most us away from Him.
It is when we stop wanting the look of the Father for wanting to look at the people around us. When we make a beautiful praise to God wondering what the "people" will think ... the success they will have, or take people words that aims to personal recognition is far from what God really like to talk ... knowing that we are only their instruments and we can not take the place that is His. For this is not the reason we exist!
It knows how much it hurts to know who we are exchanging for "someone else"? When we are dreaming with the glory that is only Him?
I know it's hard to understand ...
I'll talk through a very simple form:
Imagine that you are part of a church where you have the opportunity to worship God at the altar ... This brings you to the concerns such as what song to sing ... the musical note ... how many tests you will have to carry everything to be perfect?
But despite all the time, all the effort really committed something goes wrong or you leave the altar with a sense of emptiness is so great that apathetic?
Yeah ...
Now visualize you in your home or your place of living, you're on your routine and suddenly feel a calling to express their love for God through a song. At this time God's touch is so big in your heart that you do not want to know if detune vai, vai hit if the original letter or will receive new words ... you're not thinking about what the next song because He will give the perfect repertoire that wants to hear your voice through ...
This moment is so "magical" that all your problems are forgotten ... and He sends down from the sky balm over your life and it's wonderful His Presence!
This is one way of true worship!

"The eyes of God are seeking true worshipers, even!"

People who do not trust in Egypt, as the Bible says in Isaiah 31.

People who do not choose horses 'flesh', but the Spirit of God alive.

That do not rely on their cars and on the strength of their riders, but look to the Holy One of Israel and seek His perfect help!

Madness, no!


In God's eyes scan ... we can not fool Him.

And what is not He will not rise to the heavens!

People are worthy of all our respect for them and also write songs and words dictate, but what we do for God should move us to a higher level closer to Him than normal.
Only we learn to act properly in front of people when we learn to fear the God who created them!
Understand if fear and love and truly honor God, we know have a decent character before all ee of everything in this world.
Do not hide from his gaze ...
Let the world know and know the bond that connects you to the Lord!
Turn around to face the eyes of the King, with all your heart ... and be a faithful worshiper!

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