Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

Don't stop believing!

Today the doors are open and we know that once seemed so distant!
People who come in their ways, ideals, figures from various possible!
They express words that come out of their hearts, some victories, other satisfactions, faith, praise and also applications.
Today we can meet and exchange ideas with those who live far away, we can get home, to work, and every corner we want to be, even if we are physically distant right there at their sides.

It is interesting to the happiness of people to meet and know that they are seen by many others who never imagined to see.
And every day increasing number of which are interconnected.
Have you thought about how many people are there in "body and soul"?
Thoughts become words and images. 
Each has its own way of presenting to the world.

He also!

Before the "net", the "wifi", the "iphones", "virtual conferences" and everything we rejoice today and keeps our stories and "clicks" on day ... He gave us access to everything He bequeathed to us!

We could not possibly remove the virtual interaction of our lives, but we must stand firm called!

Still unable to see clearly the main goal of a lifetime!

Nobody becomes an icon in front of people a day to night. To be known, to fulfill what has been proposed is necessary to tread the steps of the construction of each wall of his biggest dream.
How many were lost amid the crowds?
They the compressed such that the values ​​and ideals of life sometimes get forgotten in the face of new opportunities ...

But why not go back to recognize what has been forgotten?

You have to let your dream get away gradually, there is still hope!

You were created for something very special!

No one does it better than you.
It would be a waste not to write this success story!

What do you say no, can not be greater than what he saw so!

Our Creator God knows you like no one else could know, he is on your "virtual" existence ... their footsteps.
What about someone who is omnipresent?
He just has this power.
And he certainly knows his way to be ...

Even if we have forgotten the goal of our lives He will not forget!

"But I am weak, I do not have the necessary weapons, must be supported and assisted. How someone like me could do something of this magnitude?"
(Agent wonders)

Questions are paralyze us!
God wants to move!
God wants to see you walking!
Going beyond!
Returning to believe!
Returning to see!

Rescuing the lost dream!

We need to return to fight for what we believe! Our target is one step away from us:
While perseverance!
Do not give up!

He tells us:
 "Forjai Coulters of your swords into plowshares, and spears of your pruning hooks: let the weak say I am strong." (Joel 3:10)

If He who is "connected" with people all over the world, which has its "social network" fully packed with all the people who breathe, He says yes ...

Who can say no?

more alive this day in the Presence of God and walk to perform one more step of your project to life!

You and I may even forget our projects because we have thousands of things ahead of us. But even this project has not forgotten nor me nor you because it only takes us!
It was designed by God for us!

Even though our life has passed many days here, there will be an opportunity to be face to face again.
At this time ...
do not let it pass!
Carry on the way God has planned for you!
Still do not know what it is?
Ask for It and the answer will surely come!

Meet thousands of people, but you never disconnect your Creator God!

Proceed to the target!

Do not give up!
Make Peace!

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