Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

domingo, 20 de janeiro de 2013

Those who sow tears

There's a song that goes like this:
"Next to You, Lord, I can hear the beating of your heart."
(Thousands of Thousands \ Ludimila Ferber)

Can you imagine us feeling the heartbeat of God?

Observing the lyrics yes we can, because God allows us to come to Him as He comes to us!

He is the only one who knows the language of tears!

The power of God is able to lead us to the knowledge of the part of us that we had not noticed before!

Or lead us to find ourselves in front of our joys and sorrows, our truths and falsehoods our ... Also.
Part of us assume that:
God, I need you!
Part honest we carry in us!

Suppose there is a person who is in a very difficult period of her life, and fighting all points around that comes against your faith!

This person knows what God has for her is much more than you can imagine. Even he knows that "the world is still unaware of what God can do with a man who surrenders completely to Him."

But the world, adversity, temptations all comes rodiando like a lion ready to devour your life!

And as hard as it had been resisting, could take a step toward God. 

After entering the dimension of His love, of His own, God will reveal Himself gradually introduce the revelations and life to what was being swallowed up by death.

So this person sees your tears running down before him, and no barrier can separate it from this special moment with God, because she knows how much it cost to get there. The value of entering the field of true worship!

Yes we need, overcome all obstacles to reach this special place of communion with God.

My message to you is this text that God collects tears before Him in sincerity and turns them into rain that waters the earth dry before your heart and it brings forth fruits of blessings!

Take one hand and more practical well known to be present in the Word of God:

Visualize the resurrection of Lazarus:

Jesus knew that Lazarus's body was already decomposing.
Jesus knew that his sisters cried the pain of loss!
Jesus knew that there was a large stone and a crowd around.

He did not despair!
He simply asked God to help him so that people might believe that God had sent Him.

Now let's change places:

In place of Lazarus tear your sincerity.
In place of the sisters who care about your pain.
In place of the crowd the people you know ...
and the stone in place something called FEAR.

The place of Jesus, this can not interfere, ever!

God collects tears and knows exactly what they mean, they are your prints now.
So God sees what you need and tells you:
(Come thy blessing is with me!)
But you stop and stagnate in the face of large stone ... says he has no strength to get her out of his front.
Allow to terrorize ...
give up!

Sometimes we lose much by not trusting God!
When God just wants us to an attitude of doing what He has commanded.
Even if you've beaten all obstacles to approach the Father, who has left to invade the wonderful glory and presence of God that led you to pour out before him whatever was in your heart, what God has prepared and collected their tears the "portion" special for your blessing come to you ...

In addition to all ... we must discard the fear to obey God!
Every cause fear in an enclosure and we need to get out of it!
God wants to flourish the field irrigated by tears of sincerity that collected in his eyes, because he knows that they can only come from someone who really loves and knows that He exists!

So, leave to withdraw the "rock", come forth and receive the blessing!

Do not let fear take you both the gains that you expected!

If we can be honest,
God and He further says that true love casts out all fear!

He assures us!

It is God's love that draws you fear, love where you know you will be safe!

The arms of love want to remove the stone ...

You will?


Although their land is dry .... it will flourish!

"Jesus saith unto her, I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live;"

John 11:25

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