Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2013

"In Him we are complete."

Special places are always appreciated by the people who know how to give value to what is beautiful and unique.
If you look, none are alike.
Your details and colors, spaces and scents, its enchantment seduces each in his measure.

People prepare a lot and sometimes for a long time in the intension of putting into practice the route chosen for the most spectacular places on the planet earth!

I wonder who travel a lot!
What has the opportunity to experience the beauty we possess as diverse as the people of many different races and customs!
Knowing the parts filled with rays of sun, smell the sea ... or for those like me, prefer the cooler, maybe mountains!
The truth is that what looks good, really!

God gave us these gifts carved into its global architecture.

Do you have a favorite place that you fill with joy and gladness to get homesick and leave to go?

Good to know!

But could you imagine such a beautiful place, well prepared, which is never careless, its flowers are more fragrant, its relief is pleasant to the touch of our hands, the scope of our eyes.

A place, a unique script!

When we are there, in this special place, we can enjoy a musical emanate that causes our feet Mecham and risking ourselves two or three, maybe four dance steps.
After all, look at the center of this place and see there a resting place. We lay on the green grass, look at the sky and feel completely full of satisfaction.
We feel safe, as if the fiercest animals were docile and fruit baskets, all colors and flavors there, neat on a linen tablecloth checkered ...

Do not know about you, but I give myself to this time of rebuilding!

It would not be good!

But the money and the job does not allow you to?
The ordinary occasions not leave you like this alternative?
I'll teach you a secret:


We have 24 hours a day, which according to the Bible, is the need for each of us conclude all affairs. The truth is we do not know to organize them, so do not come to places as nice as what I described above in my imagination.

Let's try!

Try to make the life more organized and give us rights to pursue our dreams!

How about starting with a schedule for the notes of what to do during the day!
You, today, has the technology at your disposal, you can find everything easier with a software to help you stay informed about your appointments.

But what if we have everything well organized in a perfect job, but we do not respect what determined?

Everything would be in vain, is not it?

Therefore, the honor we give to our dream, determine the time to accomplish that will last!

I still have not taken my pass card, or have done a check-in at the airport to the places I want to go with my family inside and outside the country, but I travel every day to the Secret Garden!

Every day the alarm clock reminds me it's time to "go"!

I take that bath, getting ready for the most important person in my life and honor the commitment marked.

A commitment to be at the feet of the Lord, surrendering to Him in prayer everything is under my stewardship function. People who love more, the designs of the day, the minutest details.

An encounter with God in his "Secret Garden" can make your day more productive to have a content.

If walking in the daily struggle is something heavy, then a rest in the confidence of the Father can help us!

He invites you to this trip knees bent his Kingdom of love and care. A kingdom for a faithful God!

Do not live without giving a pass first delivery in the garden!

It can be wherever you are!

But the first hours of the day are recommended, are fueling station of the soul.

What you eat them can definitely change the rest of the day.

Is there a safe place and he may be the kind of environment you choose, provided that the person who is waiting for you at the center of it is your God, your Creator!

The moment of prayer is one of the secrets that will bring your victory!

"I lay down and slept, woke up, for the Lord sustained me."
Psalms 3:5

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