Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Love Forever

That phrase has great significance!
How awaited worked, it can be personified, always expect to hear it all time and is eagerly awaited!

Love is beautiful!

He is sincere and pure flows naturally ...
makes us discover the best in people because this is the field where dreams are fortified and begin to take the first steps ... they are born in the projects but it is love that feeds them.

Some are destroying love, are turning into something commonplace, easy and inexpensive.

They are also committing many atrocities in the name of feeling love.

I here today, right now I do remember that true love should not be forgotten!

We need love, we need to be loved, is part of the requirements to complete so that it is publicly awaited.

Everyone expects the love!

Have you read the book of Revelation?

The Bible hides secrets that are presented to us only if we are willing to walk the paths of their sentences and the revelations she brings.
In Revelation 3, verses 1-13, we see one of the most beautiful love letters ever!

A declaration of love of a God by those who were faithful unto death!

A Almighty be called, Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Counselor, Mighty God, Emmanuel, Him .. Himself says to his people ... 

"When you were weak, yet kept My Word and not denied My name ...
... "... I will make them acknowledge that I have loved thee. "
(V.8 and 9)

The world and the nations can not care for you ... their parents may have abandoned you, your spouse, children ... but amidst all the adversity in your life you find the least faith that leads us to believe that God is near ...
you should know:


He wants your friendship, you recognize it as the Lord of your life, like The presence of the most awaited day, like joy after sorrow, calm after the storm, healing after the pain, the balm that closes wounds, output a crossroads ... as eternal love.


Look ...

One of His names is Love!

A greater love than what we feel for each other.

The love of a true God!

That would not be in vain!

Let Him love you!

tell you, son (a) ...

Love you!

What a sweet voice .... sovereign and sweet voice!

Believe the words that He made you!

Are true and come to you today! 

Allow only this relationship is not known, but known by everyone around! 


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