Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013


There is always a certain point in our lives that we conclude need for change.
They can be single or in general aspect.

The change comes because life does not stop and the time course and develop also forcing us to walk in the same proportion, if we want to be left behind.

But this is good!

Nobody can achieve a new level without them!

Have you heard that something different will only happen to you, if you do something too different from everything that has become routine in your life?

I encourage you to change, but in the direction that is not destructive!

Good changes, positive ... that's what I say!

Suppose you want to travel and visit a tourist town that has never gone before, you'll need a map, a trainer or a more modern GPS.
This also happens when you decide to relate goals to change your life!
You need a guide, a teacher of new horizons!
Someone with legitimate experience, you know?

So how about inviting God to occupy this relevant?
We know that He is the best of the best!
You can also decide to go it alone, but that will be the surest guide:

You or God?

We are limited, not God!

Look in the Bible, even Jesus the Son of God withdrew in prayer to ask the Father instructions which would be your next step and that for all men is a wonderful example.
Something went wrong in the life of Jesus?
He served with excellence what we promised!
Until the end!

Dear (a)
we may not be reduced by afraid to try or just do not give value to what really deserves!

Ask God to come into your decision for it to be the most sensible and that will bring you the best results!

Walking with God ... obviously we always build up, not down, forward, not backward.
It is for us Professor, Counselor, Guide, Motivator, making it the best Sailor before the storm!

When we decided to move and change with the correct monitoring, will accomplish things that we could in no way ever!

Weigh it!

"Because at the same time the Holy Spirit will teach you what suits you talk."
Luke 12:12

(Based on Women's Bible \ Stormie Omartian)

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