Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 8 de abril de 2013

CHALLENGE! Do not be like the others!

Experience the presence of God!

Today I invite you to think me a bit about the reasons that lead you to the Church.
This word is widely used among the population,
because there are many denominations and a people who have the knowledge we need to seek the Lord.

Among the main reasons that lead us to the church are highlighted as some religiosity, when we know we are educated and that is part of our week to go to church at least once.

There also those who go to church in search of a miracle, or they will be motivated by a personal achievement ... family.

Without belittling, there are those who go to church when they are "rock bottom", when it has no more way forward, when he knocked on many doors and realize that seeking God may have a chance.

Now pay attention!

If any of these reasons led you to the Lord's house, congratulations!
Yes, it is one way or another you went to the right place!

But I would like to take the liberty to delve a bit more with this subject ...

There is a reason that is above any other existing, either of which reported another or different!


For years I lived fooling me, causing a confusion in my mind.
I can not count the times I arrived late in worship when excessively preoccupied with my clothes, hair, what would I say if I were given an opportunity ... irritated me to the end of the chapter that was not always the main person I met that I should find.

I related with the brothers, talks, testimonies, praise everything in its place, but I sold on my concerns unwarranted.


God must be the real reason we go to the temple!

The moment I discovered the presence Wonderful and transforming the Holy Spirit, God Gift us since then, I keep getting ready, taking care of the preparations, but now with peace in my heart.

I stopped putting other things, situations and people in God's place.
I began to ask him, what should I do, how should I prepare for our meeting.

When the celebration is initiated the preparation that precedes every time the word I try to give myself as if there's only me and God.

I do not care if they're watching me, if there is someone talking on the ... I seek now to leave everything aside and concentrate seeking feel God, see His acting and hear His voice.

If I do well, it's like heaven touching earth!

I understand the purpose that God has set aside for the moment.
The lesson He is teaching.

I always say, do not want to return empty, come and shed Thy altar in my life and now I ask that He will renew my being and allow me to worship Him.

When our body, our soul and spirit yearn for God as the corsa really want water and runs toward you to quench thirst, and he feels matches.

The more we walk with God, the more He will be known to us!

I'll even dare a little more ...

I'll challenge you!

A challenge of renewal, a new experience!

Do not be like the others!

Before God we are children, we are not clones sequential own digital differentiated and more important ... names!

So when is the next time the temple of worship to God:

Think Him first,
Seek first His company,
Feel His Presence Pure and Holy reaching your being,
Praise no matter their voice, praise Him with all your heart.
Do not wait just to witness the altar, praise, honor him, the God who is in this altar also in the congregation.

If you are at the altar, praise Him.
If you are on the bench, praise Him.
If alone, praise Him.
If you're in the crowd, praise Him.

The Eyes of God sees you in particular!

If there is sincerity and humility in their attitudes towards heaven God will flow in your favor, and intimacy with the Lord will come like a river of living water upon you then nothing, no words will be able to explain this deep love!

Do not believe that is possible?

One day not too believed.
I was too troubled to believe!
Too tired to give myself and far too much to let him get close!


You can!

And not only in the church, the temple.

If you allow, you may feel this intimacy with the Father at all times.

Understand The more of Him what it is right, if you will honor Him also will honor your faith!

Open your Bible and revel in the passage from Zephaniah 3:17 and take possession of this divine truth!

Much Peace to you ...

"The Lord your God is in your midst, mighty to save. He will rejoice in you, in your love to renew, he will rejoice in you with shouts of joy."

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