Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013


Preparing implies, according to the dictionary:

"Ready, arrange, dispose in advance.

Favorably predisposed.
Studying organize beforehand. "

In everything we do in life, even when we need to prepare the day's lunch must be prepared with the ingredients of the dish will be done with the pots, the stove ... with provision for that moment.
When a couple decides to get married, you need to prepare the construction of the new life and so it is with everything we want to achieve. Requires preparation!
God's way is not no different!
An act before God without preparation does not get the total force could reach!
In everything we do we must "pay the price".
We must surrender our life, to do our best!
What would you choose to savor: a cake made by half or fully stuffed and with a delicious topping?
If you or I have a big challenge ahead of what we do is prepare everything you need and then from material to the spiritual. Yes!
Everything we do before God to be watered by prayers and fasts and true surrender on our part to achieve the target so powerful!
I can believe that someone will be blessed by God, but if I give myself and pray and make a purpose on this cause, certainly the power of God will be administered in a greater way because he hears and this pleases the heart of God if done as He commands!
In Isaiah 40:3, the Lord tells us: "Prepare the way of the Lord!"
We are the ones that stand in the gap, interceding for those who are discouraged and fallen. We are responsible for the conduct of those who come after us in the Way of the Lord!
Helping to lift up the win to advance limits!

If we prepare for the conquest she will be closer to us than we can imagine!

Someone said:
"He who does not prepare, prepares to fail!"

And that's right!

We are human beings, we are limited. Get tired and fadigamos. But God, He never tires, no fatigue, or becomes weak at nothing!
Isaiah 40 continues to urge us in this regard.

My invitation to you is that you fight!

It is you to be the "Voice crying in the wilderness!"

Not only for his life, not only for their interests, but that is the greatest joy of sow his own life in the life of God who put you on the side.

there will always be someone able to get your help, your prayers, your delivery before God!

Not experience the blessing alone!

Take with you a few thousand!

Prepare and have targets!
Prepare yourself ... and get organized!
Prepare yourself and fight!
Prepare yourself and win!

With the help and blessing of God!

There is power in preparation!

"The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God."
Isaiah 40:3

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