Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013


Many things in life will cheer, but for the faithful servant is nothing more precious than to serve God with what He has given us.
I've been thinking ... the word warrior. This is a strong word and worthy of attention.
But what is to be a warrior?
I believe in my heart that is you have the courage and perseverance needed to break down barriers forward limits that others do not have.
Every warrior's reward is deserved because for him the conquest is not easy!

There are fights, there are extreme giving of yourself, there is sincere but that involves a path not always docile, but rewarding!
The warrior wars because they believe that the reason is valuable to the point that he pay the ultimate price: his life.
How successful has on cinema screens movies where a being as this is seen fighting for causes that draw attention by being fair and bring benefits to many!

The warrior of God is also a brave!
It is he who knows the path you have chosen and know who will be with him every step.
There is however something that sets it apart and makes apparent: The force that is about it is not its own strength, but the strength of the Holy Spirit of God!
Your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, strategies, their ability to withstand the trials are completely surrendered to God. And it is God who becomes his warrior for what he can not be.
How then should we today have the knowledge of the great feats and great projects that God accomplished through simple men who just surrendered to Him?
 He was everything to these men, while they emptied himself ... God met him. And it is wonderful!
No general human give his glory to another. Titles are very important to people. The medals too!
But for the true servant of God, the more he give God glory is its greatest joy!
The more he silently act and know that God worked through him, the greater his strength to continue!
"There is great difference between the idea of ​​doing a lot through the Holy Spirit and the idea of ​​the Holy Spirit work wonders for our environment." (Langston A.B.)
Today God is recruiting soldiers who want more than to be in the fight!
Who want to be part of His victory in the lives of God's love!
Soldiers who are not afraid of what is different!
Which are of integrity and trust in Him who recruited them!
Men and women, young people and children who have such love and recognition of the work of Jesus on this earth to reach the point of saying: "Lord I am not worthy that the Lord bless me, for the Lord is Holy, Holy, Holy and I sinner! "
Recognize that they are not, that would not exist if God did not love them!
God loves both his warriors which was the first to be donated in full, for example larger and more encouraging than we might expect of a true leader!
He gave so we could do the same today!

He opened the way for him could walk!
It is what works, we are your instruments!

We are because of Him that can convey His Life and His presence to those who still do not know that he exists and that he rewards those who seek Him.
Be an instrument, a warrior of God is to know that we are part of life and not of death of another person!
Because God wants his warriors alive for ransom for many.
Warrior (a), as you call it?
Very pleased to meet you (a)!
Welcome to the team!
The Team of More than Conquerors!
Feel a sharp instrument pair the Glory of God ... work for it!
Come on!
The next battle is before us!
The General is ready!
And you?

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