Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 18 de novembro de 2013


How many people admire famous magicians who do things that impress and leave the " open mouth " ! They actually study and prepare much for it to be " magical " !
To expect something very important to God that we pay attention to two things, one bad and one good .
 The first is that we must learn to recognize and fight all anxiety .
The second is to distinguish what God is teaching us !
Everything God makes is perfect!
He has called for precious moments in His Presence !
 Being a collaborative project of God here on earth requires us to surrender and confident !
We are human beings and like any normal human being , usually we scare faces major challenges .
I want to talk to you today especially has a huge challenge in your shipping !
You and I need to understand the "magic " that exists in waiting on God !
God, he 's so precise in everything he does that prepares us and shapes us as we are in the wait time !
Stop a moment and start to reflect on all that has happened in your life since you received the proposal of this great new thing of God ...
Look what He wants you to learn . He's giving new weapons !
Behind every challenge in itself valuable lessons that we can not neglect !
Replace anxiety and fear of challenging the safety and comfort of God's Love !
He is the Owner of Gold and Silver !
It can all the things we fear because somo flawed ; chooses us because He knows our hearts !
God never choose the wrong person !
He chose you !
Take possession of the blessing !
" Pack your bags " ...
" Prepare the land " ...
" Prepare the basket " ....
God's Answer is coming !
Anyway , what is the " magic of hope in God " ?
Simple answer : LEARNING !
You 'll see what God has promised to meet up , learn from Him and rejoice because ...

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