Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

We are small?

What is your height ?
What color is your skin ?
What is your academic background ?
Do you have experience in being "be large" ?
You are perfect physically within modern structures ?
......? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Questions like this have been what measures , in the world today , the "quality" of each person ...
Who was the most important person in his opinion , according to these characteristics ?
Due to these requirements there are thousands of people around the planet who feel small , trapped in the sense of inferiority chain. They feel inadequate !
And you ?
How are you feeling today ?
Look in the mirror ...
What do you see ?
I need to tell you something :
What you see is not what God sees !
The Eyes of God are Special !
Filled with faith!
Made of Fire and Faith by you !
Are passionate about who you are !
Samuel said to God :
" Certainly it is  the Lord 's anointed . "
1 Samuel 16:6
God said to Samuel :
" Do not consider his appearance or at the height of his stature , because I have refused him : for the Lord seeth not as man sees , for man sees what is before his eyes , but the Lord looks at the heart . "
1 Samuel 16:7
 So it was that David was chosen among his " trained " brothers ...
Watch out for this Bible passage:
" ... had no beauty and when we shall see him, there was no looking good in Him, that we should desire Him . "
Isaiah 53:2
This is the accurate description of how people saw Jesus , when He accomplished for them what no one else in the entire trajectory of humanity can do ...
But how does God through Jesus?
What Does God saw how people saw Him ?
Is there something in common between how they saw Jesus and as Samuel saw David?
How people see you today ... how you see yourself today?
Fill your eyes of faith !
There is grandeur in one teeny ! !
God saw in Jesus the fullest Beauty ever!
He believed in Jesus !
He believed because he saw beyond what the eye can see !
He believed David, because He saw beyond what the eye can see !
God sees you beyond the mirror !
Beyond what the eye can see !
God believes in you !
Begin to see yourself as God sees you !
Beautiful or not physically ...
God wants more , God wants something you carry inside you !
The Big Dreams of God are performed by people who oppose human probability !
What God has done through the life of David? What he can accomplish through your life , if you trust in Him ?
God makes little men , great warriors !
God made David shepherd, King David of Israel !
God will make you what He even planned !
No matter the criticism !
God knows exactly who you are !
He wants you as you are ... He sees your heart !
It will certainly improve it ... It does not get close to God and not be enriched and transformed by His own hands !
How small are you?
"Small " enough to shake hell and fulfill the call !
" Small " God enough to believe you !
"Small " enough to be tremendously valued by God !
"Small " enough to attract the ... attract his gaze !
" Small " enough for God to be the difference in you !
You channel of God's Glory !
God sees in you the beauty and loveliness that no one else can see !
Believe it !
You're beautiful , even " small" God can make you " big " according to His Will !
You have the potential as a tool that God needs to change his story !
:) Believe !

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