Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2014

Busy place

Impressive ! 
Completely crowded bus , run and grips mixing stories and dreams . All this between the walls of a city street driving, the only viable for many!Amid this push pushes a generous soul ... you name it never knew .He rose from the crowded place to give me the right to sit me, that the physical conditions in which I found myself , was like receiving a prize of honor .Really !How not appreciate that person who gives up something because of others who do not even know who is ... simply by doing good , as they say, without looking at anyone , lol!It was exactly like that !This reminds us of a story of great importance , key in the time that a man gave a very special place , but this time for one person is not so good , in fact ... nothing good . Poor , wretched , horrible and destructive .The name of the person who gave Saul is called , the name of the person occupying : a devil , or an evil spirit !Please do not be alarmed :)Today , I just want to show clearly that the same place is not meant to be occupied by two people . Each seat is designed to give comfort and aid to a person at a time .And if we have the right to choose the person concerned , who is one of the well . Someone who can respect , with whom we can learn something appendable . A cool guys ... simple or refined , wise or secular , whatever their origin , but a nice , trustworthy person .We can not choose who they sit next to us on a bus , but we can respect that person , and perhaps pave the way for a good chat ...You main seat of our lives , we have that right guaranteed ! The concession right !The error was Saul disobeyed God's orders , it proved how much he was no longer the same person , showed that he was asking God to withdraw ...The consequence of this act : The Spirit of God withdrew from him and an evil spirit came . The place is never empty ... there are many waiting to steal the job , do not speak of God .While God dwelt in the place of honor in the life of Saul , he possessed not only the wonderful company of God , but also the benefits of this company .The new company of Saul , had no right to it . The disturbed , haunted , drew his peace .Which was only returned when someone with the Presence of God itself approached.You and I we will have wisdom , we will move away from what is evil, we can always give our best and complete trust God .When we trust in God as the primary place in our lives is given to Him !Spent His companionship that changes our lives .Every second we need to decide something , at any time a decision can change the course of our lives !Who will be on our side ?Who will give us advice ?Who will care for us ?The Spirit of God , or evil spirit ?The answer depends on you !You are the person who is in the chair , but you need to get out of it ...Who will give you the place ?Do not forget ...Who decides it's you!

I Samuel 16:14 - 23V

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