Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2014

The faith of David

A hungry bear , a lion , all very scary!A young man and a decision : go fight!Some days I prefer not to have dawned , we think everything is going against the tide and our determination is drastically reduced .On days like these need to be inspired by something that will stand up again and take the limit that often we create ourselves ...David was a very determined young man and his courage so we can reflect on the need to upgrade !He did not have enough size, did not have enough weapons , maybe not had the favorable environment, but had an ingredient in reliance to give you victory in this challenge: your faith !c was accurate !Directed !Proclaimed !He believed that the Lord would meet all the what he lacked , and it all happened was : a ferocious lion and a bear killed by sleazy potbellied determined young !I invite you to hold your attention to three special points in this story :The first is that David fought for an ideal. He advocated the Kingdom of God , His people and His Person . In all the great challenges that he faced David was motivated to fight something that reproached his team. His sheep were threatened , the people were being threatened ...
he rebelled and dared where others feared .The second point to be noted is that the time that David initiated the fight he would not on their own strength , he clothed the Presence of God . He gave all the lead ship in the Hands of God . God took the battlefront . He knew that His greatest Motivational also defend him . David proclaimed : I will go against you , in the Name of the Lord ! And everything he said really happened . Goliath had the honor of knowing in advance details of his death !Third and last important detail , David testified that God did through him . And his testimony was his resume for new challenges . The roads were open and God was known !Three steps transformers , three references that made the boy missed an inspiring man !Admired!And the glory ?David certainly knew to whom it belonged !God was honored by the prudence of one of its greatest servants !There's a bear or a lion tackling him ?The brave what you believe?Follow in the footsteps of David ...Follow by Faith !
I Samuel 17-20

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