Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

Hollywood, classic question:

" Mirror, mirror , is there anyone more beautiful than me? "
This phrase is one of the present in one of the most classic children's drawings of Hollywood 's most famous quotes , Snow White .
This week reading the book of James , chapter one , God reminded me of this phrase to be compared with what it says in verses twenty-three to twenty-five .
Really, nothing in the Word of God is wrong !
The classic design is a result of the fantasy of a particular author , but the Bible is the Word of Life to all who for the fear !
When we look in the mirror is really only possible to have in the perception of our current physiognomy. Until we make some observations to be improved , but ...
If you and I do what we get in front of that mirror test try to see us as we were a year ago , it will be impossible !
I personally can only remember my previous face child or adolescent to withdraw from the drawer pictures I have as a record , lol :)
In the movie , the evil stepmother always wondered about her face in the mirror and he responded to her fiction . In real life our mirror not speak to us , but the Word of God !
Before her we can see whether we are getting the beauty considered pure before God or whether we are leaving the warp between the bonds of sin , disobedience and darkness !
But what God considers beautiful ?
It would be our physical ?
Would be the color of our hair ?
Were our clothes ?
Not !
To God who lives according to His Word , it has beauty and soft scent in his nostrils !
This exudes the scent that attracts God !
What gives endless joy to God in relation to their children , as every parent also feels natural , is to know that their children are walking in wisdom and obedience following the instructions left by him .
Because as it says in James 1:23-25 ​​, those who read the Word but do not worry , just forget it!
Forget many situations in its infancy ...
Forget how were your hair ....
Forget his face was as ...
But do not forget what you heard from God TODAY !
Do not replace God !
He only has what you and I need to hear more !
You have not talked to Him today ?
The time is right !
Remember the movie of your life depends on the direction of God !

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