Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Loyalty, a weapon of war!

As humans , we think , we are endowed with actions , interact with others , create and recreate things of which we are enabled to create ! Built ! Destroyed ! Well ... we are beings full of opportunities !
We do projects ...
So our lives are built , our friendships are born , dreams are being molded, new families arise , the life we ​​receive allows us to live many emotions , achievements and various situations that even being against , we can revert to our advantage !
I want to talk to you today a very powerful weapon in the hands of those who believe and receive God as the Lord of their lives: LOYALTY !
Being faithful is not an attitude of excitement , but the decision ... Action that brings blessings never imagined !
Can not say I 'm faithful to someone if I take my decisions thinking only of myself . If you let the other person aside, if you do not appreciate who she is !
Loyalty is not based only in words but in actions !
I can understand what is fidelity , but not act as it requires me , I would never pass the test!
Be faithful to another human being for us is a beautiful and aplausível virtue!
But be faithful to God 's attitude of fame !
The Bible tells us that we must be faithful to God from the little things !
Loyalty has to do with people , with ideas , with missions , with teams with ties created , but the higher fidelity that we can acquire is with our Creator !

Loyalty is the way of it

Conquer the heart of God !

You want to be part of this reality ?
You tried numerous times and never got ?
It's never too late to start being faithful !
What you need is to reset the score and start the "game " !
Now with more faith !
With more certainty of God's Will for your life!
Now knowing that it's possible!
He will be pleased with you !
This is an attitude of odd people!
Wise and true !
Faithful !
Begin today to fight that pits you!
The most powerful weapon in this sense , you already have !
God gave you free choice ...
It just depends on you !
Viva the fruits of faithfulness in your life !
And feed many !
How you been fed today !
Live God's Will for you !
Say YES !
Change your story!
Forever ...

" Whoever serves me must follow me , and where I am , my servant also will be one who serves me, the Father will honor him . . "

John 12:26

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