Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2014

Never give up!

 It's been two days since the moment I was thinking , talking to God. He , in our conversation , I repeated the phrase three times : " free _Quem is no going back ! " ... 3x .

I stopped and watched him for a long moment and said :
" Truth _ My Lord , indeed ! " .

What it means to be free for you ?

There is a not small number of people around the planet who live deceived !
Mistakenly think that freedom is to live a life without having any responsibility.
Think they need to prove " all" that life offers them , and still say they will not take anything from here ... use this excuse !

I am deeply saddened and concerned with such thoughts when put in comparison with what actually is the meaning of freedom !

Freedom does not feel unharmed in the consequences of deeds done without reflection ...
Freedom does not mean throwing away our precious life without regard to what it is to us ...

Not !

To understand freedom, we need to remember the moments of prison and jail !

We need to put ourselves in the place of people who are locked up within walls , in desperate situations , in a darkness so deep that they forget how beautiful is the sunrise !
Being among chains with no prospects for the future , in pain and torment ... being humiliated by every form of evil , suffering as they see themselves fall into a deep abyss ... exuding a foul odor coming from the dirtiest hole their souls ... Being slaves of the worst nightmares ...

This is maddening !
It's a pain that you can not measure !
And many do not care ....
The trapped by them are forgotten ...

But someone found them !
Not only met ; cared !
He felt their pain and despair of their hearts ...

He not only cared , not only felt his pain , he came to meet the suffering people , came up with the key that opens all the handcuffs !

Brought back the light , the brightness of the new day , returned to them what was stolen them and added them multiplied times all that consumed them .
Returned the Life, Peace, Hope , and gave them FREEDOM ! ! !

For all that these people lived , who suffered ; to know how it hurts ...

Who is free no turning back !

Not back on the path of the error !
Do not ever want to feel the crushing weight of the chains again!

Now know that FREEDOM is possible!

He took the shackles that imprisoned them and smashed them!

Only those who know It's FREE !
Sit !
Thanks !
Live !

If you are a FREE:

Do not retreat !
Do not go back to the past of pain !
Do not dive again raging sea of sin !

If you have not tried this FREEDOM :

Rise up from the depths of death by the hands reaching you right now !

Run away , run ...
Confront all the evil in your life !
Fight !
Resist !
Survive !

FREE forever !
By BLOOD that you delivered !
You can !
Because He chose well !
Because your LIBERTADOR are there now !
And you can hear your cry !
Because he cares for you ...
Since no one else cared !

Only on this earth you can achieve it !
The path to her name : JESUS ​​!

I get it ...

" Therefore , my brothers , I want you to know that through Jesus is proclaimed forgiveness of sins to you . Through him everyone who believes is justified from all things which could not be justified by the Law of Moses."

Acts 13:38-39

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