Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

segunda-feira, 12 de maio de 2014


Think carefully in several works of God makes us great!
Neither the larger and more capable computers and developed programs can calculate the accuracy of God's perfection !
Let's stop and think together on how God has helped and cared for our spiritual and personal growth and maturation.
Are wonderful things most of the time go unnoticed to our looks.
So simple and so perfect ...
For example , I need a doctor's orders to take three times the normal amount of water I ever drank because of the process of health care that I 'm going through. I open my heart to you and confess that I have been negligent in this regard in recent days ...
Today I grabbed my water bottle and placed it next to me in an attempt to correct this error . I forgot ... : (
Funny thing was that the chair lift discovered the secret hideout of my bottle , lol :)
Is that ... one spilled water to remember something I needed to do !
I could stand there complaining , murmuring the small mess, but I decided to watch and learn what God was speaking to me . So it has been in many situations in my life!
How God will heal my heart hurts, as God will teach me humility , courage , perseverance, simplicity of spirit , honor and so many other virtues created by Him for us , unless we learn to calls " situations contrary " the same virtues that both want to acquire !
I read about the Peace ; but I only understand it if you pass by war !
Can I talk about forgiveness , but only I know its real value when going through it , you know?
You understand!
God not only wants children with understanding and wisdom in His Word , but either trained children what they believe , in the Battle of Faith !
You will not be a doctor , a teacher , an engineer , a skilled and experience not required as the practice of what has formed professional.
Do you understand ?
Understand ... ?
God is Perfect and want to improve you too !
Write down and live the lesson given !
Thrive !
It never ceases to honor him care so much about you !
He !
God !
Do you understand ?
There is a master in your life !
He knows the way to victory !
He offers you help!

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