Feliz Aniversário!

Feliz Aniversário!

sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2015


Today I came to tell you that you are a very precious treasure!

No more than one person injured in his feelings know the size of the pain that contempt brings your soul and your day to day.

We are trained by the world to want to be always superior to go over all if you need to get something that both want to be in career or personal life.

For the person who is "over", feeling superior, is a great feeling, I imagine, sense of immediate pleasure!

But what the person was humiliated and despised?

Certainly feel bad, as if life had lost meaning and its real value!

Today I want you deep look at yourself and see that you are precious treasure!

There are unique qualities in you that no 3D printer can reproduce, even using the latest technology!

There is a beautiful glow that only you have!

It is a transferable feature!

If you say no good, they are lying!

You're worth a lot!

Unhappy those who can not see the precious treasures and existing pure in your interior!

God looks at you with a special look, a look recognizer!

God honors your inner wealth!

He recognizes their skills and abilities to go beyond!

The people who, cheated and tried to throw her dreams in the trash ...

... What they plant, certainly one day they will reap the Justice of God!

Hopefully, we, that is a beautiful harvest!

Rebuild your life and let your light shine!


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